Cosijns Chocolatier
  • 1958

    For more than half a century,
    “Rovacos-Cosijns” represents
    the story of one family…

    It all began in 1958. Back then, the company founder Roger Van Cruchten, a salesman for packaging products in the bakery/patisserie sector, decided to set up his own business. This bold move was in response to demands from customers, looking for articles to decorate their own wares with. Roger took the plunge, assisted by his wife, Marie-Louise Cosijns.

    Such was the beginning of the Rovacos Company! The name is an abbreviation of the founders’ names; Ro for Roger, Va for Van Cruchten and Cos for Cosijns.)

  • Roger’s children, Viviane, Daniel et Guy, les enfants du couple, were soon immersed in the atmosphere of the family business. The new company set itself up just outside Brussels, in Wemmel, Rue Robbrechts, where it is still to be found today. Given their success and growing demand in Belgium as well as in neighboring countries, Roger and Marie-Louise extended the range of products and increased production capacity.

  • 1962

    L’entreprise prend son envol

    Towards the end of the ‘70s they visited Czechoslovakia, and then the Far East (China, Korea, Thailand …), gaining experience leading to the creation of exclusive products and making them the third biggest importer of cake decoration products in Belgium and France. The company spread its wings, took on more staff and expanded its premises. Articles used to decorate cakes and pastries vary enormously; from Yule log decorations to silk flowers, to wooden rabbits, to plastic bridal couples to sparklers and other decorations for ice creams. Celebrations and other important lifetime events are enhanced, Christmas, Easter, birth of children, christenings, first communions, weddings, birthdays ...

    The tone was set: progress, invest, innovate, always bearing in mind the need to satisfy the customer, whose numbers were growing every year.

  • 1980

    A passion for doing the job
    properly is being transmitted from
    one generation to the next…

    By 1980 the three children, now adults, joined the company full-time and ensured continuity: Daniel and Guy mainly run the commercial side of Rovacos, while Viviane is chiefly in charge of administration. Guy gèrent surtout la dimension commerciale de Rovacos, Viviane assure principalement la partie administrative.

    In the mid-eighties the family circle widens with the arrival of two grandchildren: Laurence and Gregory. 3 years later. The future is secure!

  • 1991

  • The early 2000’s witnessed the launch of a new business activity; voit le départ d'un nouveau secteur d'activité : la the manufacture and marketing of marzipan and chocolate. Rovacos turned its attention firmly to edible goods.

  • En 2003, Laurence joined the staff. Following a degree in international commerce, her brother Gregory joined his sister in 2010. Together they represent the third generation to work for the family business, bringing new energyto their grandfather’s creation.

    The company markets its range of chocolates under the brand name, “Cosijns Chocolatier”, and experiments with innovative and original creative designs and ideas…

  • 2010

  • 2013

    For example, apart from traditional decorations made of chocolate, they produce chocolate “Sushi Desserts”, winner of the prize for the most innovative product at the 2010 ISM Fair in Cologne (the world’s biggest confectionery fair).

    For the same range, the company won a similar award at the 2013 Chicago “Sweets and Snacks” fair (biggest confectionery fair in North America).

  • 2016

    Strengthened and encouraged by all these prizes, the company is well-respected by the confectionery profession and collaborates with its many different stakeholders. Currently it exports to more than 24 countries world-wide.

    Determined to stay ahead, it keeps expanding the product range by creating chocolates, “mendiants” (chocolate covered with dried fruit), bars, “orangettes” (candied orange strips coated in dark chocolate), and other chocolate products. It pays careful attention to trendy wrapping and packaging design. Thus while adapting to market demand, Rovacos keeps moving and growing constantly...

  • Let’s hope that one day
    the fourth generation will take
    over the reins to safeguard the family
    business’ existence for the future!

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